I would be the one not wearing an orange jumpsuit.

I like a lean bio. I believe in brevity—and you can see this principle reflected in my work. 

My approach? 

Be respectful of the time your audience has granted you and reward them for the interruption.

From New York to Dallas to Raleigh, I have worked for agencies and clients both big and small.  

Early in my career, two influential mentors inspired me; both are now in the Art Directors Hall of Fame. Richard Wilde, my School of Visual Arts professor, taught me to never start polishing up a worthy direction until you’ve first plowed through truckloads of paper.

Stan Richards shared this: Every assignment, regardless of the budget or client, is a creative opportunity. Now, I impart these same lessons on younger designers and writers.

The work on this site was not created in a vacuum. That’s why I also believe cross-discipline collaboration generates the best work.  

I could go on, but I already have. Thanks for looking at my work.


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